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Scaling .pvrz at runtime


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How would one go about scaling the size of a folder of .pvrz files at run time?


I'm quite certain that it will require a rescale.bat file executed via an AT_NOW command, but the specifics of how I would get .pvrz files into an accessible format for .bat to use through Weidu is beyond me.

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As in reduce both dimensions by 25%?


For context, I have script that currently can bring PSTEE areas directly into other EE games. One of the more annoying cosmetic features is that PST creature animations are about 25% larger than other IE games, so all the buildings/tables/etc. are comically large compared to the animations present in other games, so I'm trying to figure out an easy way to scale down the apparent size of the areas to better fit with BG animations.

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That alone doesn't work, as it would invalidate TIS tile references and WED tile indices. You would also need to rescale polygon structures and position coordinates in ARE and WED files as well as resize search, light and height maps. There is a whole chain of dependencies to update, and not all of it can be automated. And it gets really complicated if the map contains extra tiles (for doors, etc.).

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I hadn't thought about doors, but for the ARE/WED/TIS coordinates, as long as you maintain the aspect ratio couldn't you just iterate over each coordinate and apply the scaling factor in WeiDu? Granted, iterating over all of those would be quite the task computationally, but it seems pretty doable as long as you are careful with your file structure offsets/size.


Similarly, if you can scale the tile art, then scaling the search/light/height maps should also be fine as long as you are consistent. Right?

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Search maps don't scale well because of their low resolution. It may result it blocked paths or open barriers. You would most likely have to fine-tune it by hand.

Rescaling ARE/WED coordinates isn't too difficult to code. Remapping WED tile indices would be much more complicated though.

I have ported a single map from PST for my Golem Construction mod (Ravel Maze). It was a time-consuming process and required a lot of fine-tuning in the end.

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