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Changing/Adding New Race


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I recall reading somewhere that changing or adding a new race into Baldur's Gate would be very difficult, and that if someone were to do it, they should only edit the name of an existing race. I attempted to change the race of an NPC using DLTCEP to a non-standard race (not human, elf, half-elf, etc.), but when I start up the game, the listed race is blank. I want to reuse the template for the Half-Elf race and rename it, but I am unsure how I am able to do that.


If anyone knows how to create a "new" race, please let me know!

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Sub-race mod.

Most what you wrote is wrong, as one can do a lot of stuff with scripting like this mods does, but aaa-hhmm.

Anyways, the definition of a race in the game is not that much different than an items flag that says it can only be used two handed... it has minimal effect on everything else except that one thing. And then there's the dialog strings that need to be re-written to reflect the new status of the race... that can reveal the 4th wall and make it obvious if not changed.

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