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Question to Ogg in OSX and ogg usage in GemRB


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The Wiki says:


Vorbis/Ogg frameworks are used by some optional plugins and are not shipped with either OS X or GemRB distributions, but there are native Mac versions available.


Could someone specify what I need to get so that GemRB can use ogg-files on OS X?


And can GemRB use ogg files in all places where the game plays a sound/music? And if so do I need change the resource references in the gamefiles to point the ogg files?

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If you have the ogg vorbis and vorbis file library, you just have to rebuild gemrb for the plugins to support these files. Then they can be used everywhere. You'd only need to modify game files that also specify the file extension — the other cases would just work if you removed the original copies (otherwise they would likely get found first).


BUT, looking at our build bot logs, the mac builds do have ogg vorbis support:



So you can grab one of those dev snapshots and just roll with it. Current master is very stable, we're right before a new release.

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