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v2.5 in open beta - it's time to get things moving :)


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the patch is entering open beta next week.


we can haz IWD-in-EET now, right? :)



Is ther anyone to even do it?




Yeah, but he's been MIA for several months now:(


Oh, I've been worrying about K4thos for years... he always comes back. =)


K4thos came back every time after a big bean dog activity was finished, as if he were involved there.


The issue for IWD-in-EET is, that a) EET is his project and b) only he knows why he thinks the update is required to integrate IWD.

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Are the beta's available now? We just got a bug report where the user said that they were using IWDEE version 2.5.1(?)


"Oh, this probably matters as well, my IWDEE version is 2.5.1 (so the shaman is playable)."




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