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bardsongs and timing mode 10 in effects

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For a very long time, i didn't know that timing mode 10 (exact duration) is the same as timing mode 0 (duration), except timing mode 10 doesn't multiply timing with 15.

DLTCEP had this timing mode named as 'trigger', because i've always tested the timing mode with 0 or very small durations, so it never occurred to me that this timing mode has an actual settable duration. IESDP has adopted same 'trigger' naming for this timing.

This timing mode exists in SoA and was likely implemented for the custom bardsongs. See SPCL542A.


Note, the duration is set to 100 - this is the standard duration for a bard song pulse. The hardcoded vanilla bardsong uses the same timing internally.

Some bardsongs (SPCL751A) use a duration of 7 with timing mode 0. (7*15 is close to 100, but isn't exactly 100)


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