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G3: bg1re updates to v2.4

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The Baldur's Gate version of the popular Romantic Encounters mod, adding several encounters and quests all over the game, aims at populating the game with romantic encounters, intense dialogues, unexpected private dinners, romantic traces of long lost times, and real quests that all deal with true love, fulfilled or unfulfilled.
The mod installs on BG w/TotSC, Tutu, BGT, BGEE, and EET.

Version 2.4 increases compatibility and fixes some oversights.


  • "Necromancr's Trouble": Ramazith now agrees to sell Nymph's blood (but his conditions are inacceptable).
  • (BGT) all journal entries will be deleted upon transition to BGII
  • (German version) "Bardolan": changed "Kommandant" to "Hauptmann"
  • (compatibility) changed DV of %tutu_var%poe back to "poe" (compatibility with bg1npc and MotSC (= TWM)!)
  • g3_bgee_cpmvars.tpa corrected (Post dialogue for Dynaheir and Jaheira - not important for this mod)

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