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Opening the GemRB console on Android


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Can I open the GemRB console on an Android tablet? I have Dosbox which has a soft keyboard, but ctrl-space does not open the console (does nothing), while on my linux laptop is does?


I want to adjust xp using the console ( sps(IE_XP, xxxx) ). For some reason my characters have wildly different xp, even though I started a normal BG1 game. And it is Imoen who is way behind everyone else..

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The starting xp depends on your xp and the npclevel.2da. I don't think it ever matches exactly; maybe it's different in bg1, but in bg2 there aren't even entries for all the levels, so sometimes the jump is more noticeable.


if the inbuilt SDL software keyboard doesn't enable you to open the console, I suggest you just edit a gui file like gemrb/GUIScripts/bg1/GUIINV.py and put the cheat calls in there, temporarily. Use GemRB.SetPlayerStat(pcPartyNum, IE_XP, xxxx).

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