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Effects (spl, itm, eff) saving throw field extra bits.

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These are available since IWDEE was released.


Effects (spl, itm, eff) saving throw field extra bits.


I don't see this on IESDP so i guess this wasn't published yet.

32 - evade spell

64 - evade breath

128 - evade death

256 - evade wand

512 - evade polymorph

these bits are connected to the thief evasion ability, there is one bit for every saving throw type, respectively. (Sadly, i don't know much more about these)

I don't see them used, so if evasion works without them, then ( :undecided:).


1024 - ignore primary target

2048 - ignore secondary target


These are used when a .pro file has a line AOE (see scorcher.pro).

Effects marked by 1024 won't affect the direct target of the scorcher projectile

Effects marked by 2048 won't affect the bystanders.


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