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Is basilisk attack works as intended?

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I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, and even whether this is the right place to post, but anyway:

I've noticed that both lesser and greater basilisk's petrification attack in BG1, BGT and BG2 hits target against targets paralyze/poison saving throw instead of petrify/polimorph save. Is that intended? Is that so because two effects in the same item ability can not attack against two different saves due to engine limitation (just a wild guess, not saying it's actually so)? Is that a bug?

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Hmm, do you think it could be fixed in BG2Fixpack if only for the benefit of BGT (unless they overwrite BG2 basilisk with its BG1 counterpart)? I understood BG1Fixpack died in 2013, so no point bringing this in its thread. Or is it better to ask BGT maintainers (if there's any) to fix it on their end?

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I'll add it to Fixpack

A small update: a basilisk attack item have 3 effects: paralyze, petrify and visuals. All 3 are hitting against paralyse save of the target. This makes little sense indeed UNLESS it's done as a means to ensure it's either all 3 effects are firing or none. IF that is correct than changing only petrifying attack to hit against petrify save would break the intended effect. It's either all 3 should have their save changed or none. It's just a guess though, but if that is correct then I believe all 3 changed to having petrify save is a better decision lore-wise than leaving all 3 to having paralyse save.

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