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Viconia's Christmas Supper


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Hello all you people who still stick their noses in here from time to time, despite my shameless lack of speed and general progress. It's that time of year again, so I thought I'd bust out a little bit of a banter to let you all know how it's going. Though I'm currently working on the last banter for Yoshimo, I thought this snippet of a Viconia banter might be fun. It's shorn of other NPC interjections and story element based variable lines, but it'll give you an idea of some of the truly riveting conversation these two will have... well, some idle chit-chat anyway. :D


Have a great Christmas/New Year's everyone!




Aklon: Viconia, you have been on the surface some time, I gather.

Viconia: Long enough. The sun no longer blinds me, as once it did.

Aklon: So despite the millennia your race has spent in the deep earth, you can find some comfort in the sun?

Viconia: Comfort? Ha! I wouldn’t say that. I will say it is handy for keeping time. It would be more so if it were more constant.

Aklon: The changing time and position of its heavenly transit marks the seasons.

Viconia: Oh, those. Damned uncomfortable, some of them. Inconvenient, with it.

Aklon: People of the surface have found a way to work around them. Even enjoy them.

Viconia: It beggars all belief that someone would celebrate the coming of snow.

Aklon: Have you been involved in many surface celebrations?

Viconia: It would be foolish for me to try. The last surfacer celebration I was involved in was a drow bonfire. Why do you think I keep to the graveyard in Athkatla? No festival atmosphere there.

Aklon: I can understand that.

Aklon: But surely you’ve come to know more of surface life than murderous mobs? Something else worthwhile?

Viconia: In this light-blasted land?

Viconia: I will admit, the food has excellent variety.

Aklon: New foods are one of the little joys of traveling. A new city, a new inn, can make for a completely different experience.

Viconia: There’s one inn in Baldur’s Gate where I had a fish dish that would have had the cook kidnapped to serve a matron mother.

Aklon: At the Blushing Mermaid?

Viconia: That’s the one.

Aklon: Ah, Tressyl Kries is the cook there. I think I have eaten the same dish, it is an old family recipe, I understand.

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:goodwork: Thanks! Still checking up on Aklon...after all this time.


New enhanced editions got me to want to start again...Maybe I should wait a bit more for Aklon.

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Thanks for hanging around xburcus. :)


I'm very close to getting the banters done, and some of the following stuff should run fairly quickly, but I still can't promise anything just yet, especially if you're waiting for the ToB release, as I've not done much on that just yet. Still, I think we're closer to the end than to the beginning now.

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