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Charmed state and dialogue initiation


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It seems I cannot start a dialogue via script with an NPC that is under charm or even has been charmed.


In short, this does not seem to work:

    StateCheck("Marek",STATE_CHARMED)  // Marek
    RESPONSE #100

Marek.cre has INITDLG.BCS assigned to himself and even swapping




would produce as result a loop from INITDLG.BCS without really starting the dialogue action.


No result even if I try to have a party member initiate it.


Adding to the action list


won't help either.


Is this a bug/limitation of the engine or am I missing something here?



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Hm... But I do have ToBEx installed.


Unless it is some .ini setting that needs configuring?


I do have the disable silence on charm component installed.


Nice to see you Ardanis, by the way! ;)

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Yeah, it's a ToBEx component that used to be standalone (A6CharmTalk or something) that enables this. Might be an .ini setting related to it too.


There are some generic BG1 scripts that use this, and they only work with vanilla BG1 or ToBEx. We also use it in Aurora's Shoes for the shopkeepers. I would try replicating the same usage in your script. Make sure the charm check is the first block in the first script assigned to the .cre.

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