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Feature request: Improved Gnoll Stronghold

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I don't know if you guys take features request; if not please exclude this thread and I'm sorry for disturbing.


If you do... well, the title is pretty much self-explanatory. The way vanilla Gnoll Stronghold (GS for short) proposes a challenge is quite ridiculous. Storming a stronghold should not be that easy.


Even with Better Calls for Help the fight is effortless. Lots of chocking points, no enemies with missile weapons, lack of casters, everyone very susceptible to low level spells like Sleep, Color Spray and Command.


The way I see, this battle should be as tough as Improved Bandit Camp. You're largely outnumbered and attacking a solid defensive position, after all.


Thanks :)

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I don't n't think it should be as hard as the bandit camp. This is meant to be tackled at level 2/3, the bandit camp at level 5/6. Charname's party is about an order of magnitude more powerful when they infiltrate the camp.


I always saw this not as a real stronghold of an organized army, but as a bunch of savage beasts camping in the falling-down ruins of an old fort. That's why there are no interior spaces, only some grimy pits for prisoners.

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