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Translate IWDification? Here's 90% of it done!


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I've kept the original post below, but this tool is now moot. Starting with RC1, when we pull in the IWDEE resources for the various spells and bard songs, we now also pull the current IWDEE strings for them as well--in every language. While the current release is officially English and French, you'll notice that there are tra files for all 10 supported IWDEE languages in the imported resources (iwdification\dw_iwdspells_resource\tra). While there is still further translation needed, the imported tra files represent the bulk of translation needed for the mod, and you may be able to further reduce this if SCS is translated. From my translator notes in setup.tra:



There are three tra files in this directory. This setup.tra file contains only strings used by WeiDU for installation. It's in UTF-8 and does not get converted. The other two are for strings that will actually make it into the game, with game_strings_ee overriding game_strings on EE games. game_strings will get converted to UTF-8 only on EE games. Since game_strings_ee will only be used on EE games, it is in UTF-8 already and will not be converted.

In addition to this folder, there are another four tra files used only for the new spells and bard songs, located in iwdification/dw_iwdspells_resource/tra. The good news is that the largest one, iwdspells.tra, is automatically generated when we pull resources from IWDEE. While dw_iwdspells_bard.tra is new, it's also short. The other two are from SCS so you may be able to use an existing translation from there.

In the main, automatically generated iwdspells.tra, one manual change is required: in string @218, Cause Disease is an Abjuration, not Necromancy, and its sphere is Necromantic, not Healing. The rest of the file should already be pulled directly from your language on IWDEE and should not need translation, though you're welcome to look it over if you wish.


Original post follows.

Since most of the strings for IWDification are pulled directly from IWDEE, I wrote a small tool that anyone can run on their language of IWDEE and generate the majority of the main tra file.

Extract this on your IWDEE install, make sure the game language is set to the translation you want, run it, and then uninstall it.

It will generate game_strings.tra and game_strings_ee.tra inside the iwdification_translate folder. From there, you have about ~20 strings to translate for game_strings (many of which can be copied from elsewhere, as noted in the generated file), ~5 for game_strings_ee, and ~8 strings for the whole of setup.tra to finish the translation.

edit: updated to v2, thanks to some bug reports from Gwendolyne.

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Updated the original post. tl;dr: we now pull strings in every language and include them in RC1. While there's more translating to be done, it's short compared to what's being imported.

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