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It seems that this action is converted automatically into MoveBetweenAreas()?


Has anyone ever tried it?


When I tried this:


I get


Even if I use NI and compile it there, I get no errors or warning but after loading the file, I see the same behavior.



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The problem lies in the decompile operation (BCS back to source) where NI appears to discard the second string argument.

And the reason for that is that the action.ids has the two identifiers for the one action number... but that matters not much as you will be compiling the script with weidu either way ... in todays moding. Like argent77 implied, you would need to recompile the script in NI for it to make anything bad to happen.

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Try to swap the 2 aliases in action.ids - i don't promise it will work, i don't know how NI works.

Yeah, but then this action:



will compile as:



And I don't know if the game will appreciates that(aka keeps working as if the change was not made). As don't you... or you wouldn't be saying the later part. :D

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