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[Done] Need a few lines in Russian, French and Simplified Chinese


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Version 13 had a little change in the order of events: Aster will tell now what she expects from the PC before her path has to be accepted.


For this, v13 comes with these new lines that are currently still in English (and German).


Translations still needed are: Russian, French, Simplified Chinese.


@918 = ~Before I commit to giving you more information, I must have your pledge of secrecy.~
@919 = ~Very well. Pay the 15,000 gold coins to seal our agreement.~
@920 = ~If you agree to defeat the Shadow Thieves, you will find the second task to serve an even greater good.~


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This post is my only call for translators. As far as I understood, Isaya is coordinating the French translations now, but I had no luck with a PM regarding another project, so I didn't want to pester via PM again.


Note: One of the lines in the first post was edited. I found a hole* in my design, so I moved the dialogue lines a bit. The new version will be released soon.


*Nothing game-breaking, but the PC could agree to Aster's route verbally before paying the gold - which will be the official moment where the other paths will shut down.

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@918 = ~Avant que je ne m'engage à vous donner plus d'informations, vous devez me promettre de garder le secret.~
@919 = ~Très bien. Réglez-moi les 15 000 pièces d'or pour sceller notre accord.~
@920 = ~Si vous acceptez de vaincre les Voleurs de l'Ombre, vous trouverez que votre deuxième mission sera accomplie au service d'un bien encore plus grand.~

The last line was a little tricky to translate because it does not sound very "fluent" in French. I had to find a way to express its meanings with another wording.

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Sorry to use this threat for an off topic question, but



  • Rearranged Aster's path: the PC can now ask about the tasks before agreeing to do them.
  • new lines in French added, by Gwendolyne
  • fixes and refinements plus translation for new lines for Simplefied Chinese version, by c4_angel
  • Installer updated to WeiDU v240.


I am curious to know if you had a serious reason (I mean in terms of modding) not using the latest version (243)? And which one, if yes?

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Thank you for pointing that out.

The good thing: This is a copy and paste error.


The bad thing: I updated to weidu 242, because I completely missed the release of v243 (up until I posted the announcement of v13.1).


I will update to v243 when integrating the Russian lines (I'd still need *nudge* *wink*)

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@918 = ~Прежде, чем я соглашусь раскрыть вам больше информации, поручитесь, что сохраните её в тайне.~
@919 = ~Отлично. Заплатите 15,000 золотых, чтобы скрепить сделку.~


I'd be happy to help with @920 as well but I'll be damned if I have any idea how they called Shadow Thieves in a Russian translation :(


EDIT: googled a bit and it seems like I've found Shadow Thieves Russian translation, not 100% sure it's most widespread one though. Anyway:

@920 = ~Если вы согласитесь одолеть Теневых Воров, вас будет ждать второе задание, которое принесёт ещё больше добра.~

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