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Version 13: Change in Quest Order (Aster Path)


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Only a question:

Rearranged Aster's path: the PC can now ask about the tasks before agreeing to do them.

Does this alter the globals set by the mod?


Specificallly the tigger/progression of Global("b!alternatives","GLOBAL") or Global("B!Tourist","GLOBAL")?


Reason I am asking is that two of my mods evaluate these globals so that the NPCs will react differently if there is only the vanilla choice or if additional choices are available.


PS this has no influence/crossmod or whatever on Alternatives mod, it is just internal dialogues that have more options if those globals are set.

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The globals did not change, I only moved the setting of the globals to another (later) dialogue state. The possibility to walk away and let Aster wait was there before, so it's really only the knowledge about the task that changed between the versions.


The flow of the dialogue changed a bit, though, so for mod NPC interjecting the used dialogue states should be checked.

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