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weak ai in bgee : no way around it ?

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Yesterday I installed the 1st options of the ai section of scs to try to improve that, but it didn't work.

The description of the problem : if you throw a fireball at an enemy while being outside of his sight range in bg2 (so the fireball must hit the ground in front of him and not him directly so that you stay outside this circle), he will come running in your direction after being hit by the fireball. In bgee, he doesn't move ! Well if he has a ranged weapon he might, and sometimes he seems to move in a random direction after that, which might or might not be in your direction, but if he has no ranged weapon most of the time he stays where he is and you can keep on throwing things at him !


An obvious solution would be to install eet, since it runs bg1 on the bg2 engine.

I thought scs would fix that too, installed the 1st ai options, until and including "better calls for help", and after having applied all the patches from the big picture. The problem is even worse if you have a bow which increases the sight range and its range (from a mod), in this case you don't even need to be stealthy anymore, you just move until you detect someone, shoot until he is dead. There is nothing else to do then ?

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PetrusOctavianus's opinion might be colored by the experience that in non-BP'ed SCS BGT game, the AI knows where the charname and the party is even when it's stealthed/invisible/far away. I have experience this too before ... but it was in much previous versions... so what ever. It's not likely that the EE brings this, but the fact that you installed the BP might be the weakpoint.

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