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Changing starting xp for a new BG2EE Campaign


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Hi, everyone. One little question. I asked the same on Beamdog forums but I'm still a little lost about what to do.


I'm creating a new campaign for BG2EE and I want to modify the starting xp of new players to 0, since I want them to start at level 1. I know how to set the Xp Cap in my coding, but if I make a modification in my tp2 to the STARTXP file, it would affect any other new game. Is there a way to code the starting xp at 0 only when my campaign begins? If so, how should I code this?


One user send me this coding:



COPY_EXISTING ~startare.2da~ ~override~

SET_2DA_ENTRY 12 1 1 ~1000~





COPY_EXISTING ~startbp.2da~ ~override~

SET_2DA_ENTRY 12 1 1 ~1000~




If I figured it out, it should copy the STARTARE.2DA and set the xp to 0 if it starts a game in my campaign. I would also be able to determine the starting area and the position X,Y of the character, right?


Thanks for your time. :)

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You need to look into campaign.2da


If you want to create your own campaign, you need to add it there. Then you can define all the other reference files it shall use for startpoint, xp etc.

You also need to add your campaign to the selection screens (there was a thread here in the forum about that, just search for it.)


Startbp.2da is just one example, As you can see in campaign.2da it defines some settings for BP=Black Pits

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I already figured the xp cap through the SOD but I do not remember if it included the starting area or the starting xp. From what I remember it cannot, then again I'm a newbie so it might have eluded me ?. That is why I asked about coding in Weidu to make sure it doesn't alter key 2DA.

Thank you for your time and patience. : )

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