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A request for Baldur's Gate Mod Walkthroughs

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Given some do have walkthroughs, but are somewhat outdated. Things like Darkside, Northern Tales, Drizzt Saga, etc. I was wondering anyone have these walkthroughs or even a personal walkthrough you have made.


I think it would help a lot of players out since I think it is easy to miss certain content that a mod provides.




We could compile walkthroughs into one big Walkthrough Guide like how Big World Project compiled all the mod installation information into a PDF. This could take a few months of updates if a group wanted to do this kind of project. Another benefit would be having known bugs and glitches listed that have yet to be fixed and the walkthrough can provide a way around it, so the player does not have to backtrack on a earlier save.

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I don't have a walkthrough, but concerning NTotSC I wanted to say that the overall quests are still the same (the new version doesn't add any new content), but any hints and notes about "you have to do x before y or the questline will break" should be savely ignorable for the version 2.X because the mod now offers the possibility to approach any of its content in random order and still leading the player to the quest end without encountering dead ends or "wrong ways".

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