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Icewind Dale Spell Effects in BG2?

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Hey guys,


This mod looks very interesting!


I see that it modifies the spellcasting graphics based on each school of magic from the BG2 effect to IWD effect, which is awesome. (I think the tweak anthology does that too?)


Anyway, I have a question though: Does it also modify the spell's actual effects?


Case in point:




The BG2 spells are kinda ugly in comparison to their IWD counterparts. I remember that the IWD fireball doesn't look at all like the BG2 one.


Is this kind of modification part of the mod? I went through the readme but I'm not sure if modifications to casting graphics includes that!


I'd love to get the IWD spell graphics back in BG2, they're so awesome


Also, is it compatible with Spell Revisions + SCS right now? (kreso's SCS that comes with BWS)


Thanks for your time :)

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