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Breagar NPC mod for BG1 and BGII (Kerzenburgforum)

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Update to v7.0.5 with minor fixes and additions.



-Revianel quest (BG1): added more reply options to Revianel in case the Lich is already defeated when depetrified; added possibility to tell Tobin when the Lich is killed; disabled the NPC reactions that refer to the Lich in case it's already dead.
-(BG2) Breagar's Axe Quest: can be solved if PC has quest to attack the Thieves' Guild (for example if going another route to Spellhold like in Alternatives Mod); removed "game dead end" - Black Market Thieve won't turn the Guild hostile any more just because Breagar and the PC talk aggressively
-(BG2) Anstinus' Tower: when encountering Anstinus' ghost in his tower, the dialogue should trigger even if Player1 is not in fist slot; also cutscene mode removed
-crossmod compatibility with Alternatives mod: in case of certain status of Breagar's Axe quest, the Thieves' Guild messenger will no longer spawn if PC agreed to attack the Thieves' Guild

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Update to v8.0.0!

Main changes in short:

-mod has two new optional components for choice of dialogue timers and alternative portrait (formerly needed player input upon installation of main component)

-All reported bugs fixed

-no more black lines in the areas for BG:EE/BGII:EE/EET

-compatible with @AL|EN's Project Infinity (i.e. install procedure changed from ACTION_READLN to optional components)


Detailed Changelog:


    -Breagar-Solaufein crossmod should now compile without errors also if crossmod component is installed separately
    -crossmod banter with Amber and Auren should also play for BGII/:EE (did only for BGT/EET)
    -Tobin should not have "nothing to say" if the PC didn't go to the cemetary the first time he was spoken to, and also bring the PC to the cemetary in BGII (for EET)
    -audio references should play correctly in Linux (i.e. case-sensitive OS)
    -splitted script blocks into BG1 / BGII parts to prevent stutter bug in BG:EE
    -if PC loses the untainted ore, Breagar will not complain right away but after a little timer (in case it was "dropped" because of NPC death
    -Breagar will no longer suggest to visit the Halfling's village in Gullykin if the party entered via the tunnels from Firewine Bridge
    -after Breagar's incident in the smithy: party will be teleported back to Thunderhammy Smithy, including the ground pile with Breagar's stuff (player should not miss Breagar's stuff in the temporary area)
    -Borsks Zauberrobe now gives AC 5
    -assigned missing area script to ACCEM1.are
    -Removed wrong area script from AC2001.are
    -(German) corrected use of <PRO_MANWOMAN>
    -(German) typo corrections
    -(BG:EE/SoD) Lich will defend itself
    -areas have no black lines for EE (using of pvrz tis format)
    -(EET) BG1 areas flagged as BG1 areas (~AREATYPE~ ~BG1AREA~)
    -new component: choice of dialogue timer
    -new component: choice of alternate portrait
    -ACTION_READLN removed, two new components added instead
    -renamed setup-acbre.tp2 into acbre.tp2
    -added ACBre.ini with mod info metadata
    -update to WeiDU v246


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To give you even more motivation for removal of the ACTION_READLN: many modders are using you mods as an examples in order to start with IE modding. So such contributions have extra value: not only makes mod better but also teach others how to have best code for staring point :thumbsup:

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Guest eimerian

Hallo Jastey,

Planning my first EET campaign at the moment and saw that Breagar is still not 100%  english.

Years ago (2016ish)  I went ahead and translated all of this mod's tra files to english for my BGT playtrough, but I never shared those files, because I figured that a "better, more offical" translation was on the way.

Since that hasn't happened yet, would you be interested in having them?

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Hello eimerian,

if it is a sincere translation yes, if it is "Google translate" then no.

I also have to point out that due to internal changes in SoD due to the 2.5 patch, Breagar is not 100% compatible with 2.5 currently. Nothing game-breaking will happen, it could just be that he'll interject at awkward places and the reaction to the demon's game will not trigger correctly. (Breagar doesn't have that much SoD content, anyway). Just a heads up.

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Guest eimerian

It's not google translate, I translated it myself. However, there might be some weird lines because 1) I'm not a native English speaker and 2) I translated the texts before I played the mod. That means I had to guess the tone and context of some lines, and might have gotten that wrong.

I also felt that many lines required a more free translation, when a literal translation would have sounded weird. The poem Breagar recites for Solaufein was especially challenging in that regard :)

Example acthief1.tra


@0    = ~Breagar? Ich habe einen Brief für Euch.~
@1    = ~Ich hoffe, Ihr könnt damit etwas anfangen.~
@2    = ~Bei Clangedins Axt! Wieso hat das so lange gedauert?~
@3    = ~Wisst Ihr, wir haben auch noch anderes zu tun als Zwergen ihren Hintern hinterher zu tragen. Ihr habt Glück, dass Gaelan für Euren Namen bürgt.~
@4    = ~Ihr solltet wirklich froh sein, dass sich überhaupt etwas ergab.~
@5    = ~Viel Erfolg noch!~


@0    = ~Breagar? I have a letter for you.~
@1    = ~I hope you can make use of it.~
@2    = ~By Clangeddin's axe! Why did this take so long?~
@3    = ~You know, we have better things to do than help a dwarf wipe his ass. You are lucky, that Gaelan vouches for you.~
@4    = ~You should be glad, that something turned up at all.~
@5    = ~Good luck!~


Thank you for the warning about SoD. I intend to have Breagar with me for the whole run, and I will report any bug or weirdness here.

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Oh, this looks quite good. I would be interested in the transation. Only thing is, that I do not integrate translations blindly (at least not the languages I know), so it might take a while until the official version gets updated as I would like to proofread them first. If you would send them to my usename at web.de, that would be great!

And thanks for any SoD feedback, I appreciate it.

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Has this translation been integrated by any chance ? I've played with Breagar before and didn't mind the hodgepodge of languages (German does make for a good stand-in for Dwarven, after all ;) ), but if there is a finalised translation I'd love to give it a try.

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Not yet, I have to admit. It's one of those "this needs more time than some half hours" kind of changes that tend to shift down my todo list. I have a bad conscience about it, though, in case that helps.. Need to reread and skim the files etc. to remember the status.

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if best practices in weidu coding are not used by modders, mods will still work and look generally the same to players, but they will lack in some technical aspects (reliability, compatibility, maintainability, ease of installation etc...). these best practices, which are changing and crystallizing over time, are only intelligible to people who have started learning weidu

Edited by bob_veng
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2 hours ago, Arthas said:

Curiosity: what exactly doesn't satisfy you about ajantis scripting ?

@Arthas I am not sure what you are referrig to, or is it a general question? EDIT: ok, found the refernence.

Ajantis BGII was my first mod, so some scripting is not at optimum, but it does meet my standard of compatibility level etc. It's not a good examlpe for someone learning how to write and script an NPC mod, as it quadruples the needed effort sometimes.

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