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Breagar NPC mod for BG1 and BGII (Kerzenburgforum)

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2 hours ago, Arthas said:

Curiosity: what exactly doesn't satisfy you about ajantis scripting ?

@Arthas I am not sure what you are referrig to, or is it a general question? EDIT: ok, found the refernence.

Ajantis BGII was my first mod, so some scripting is not at optimum, but it does meet my standard of compatibility level etc. It's not a good examlpe for someone learning how to write and script an NPC mod, as it quadruples the needed effort sometimes.

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Guest Eimerian

Hey all,

I am the one who sent Jastey the translated files some months ago. I have since then tried this translation in an EET playthrough, and have discovered a lot of ways to improve it. Silly little mistakes mostly, like writing then instead of than. In about a month I should be done with ToB and will send out a revised version of the translation.

@Jastey: You asked for SoD feedback. I did not notice anything weird.  A minor problem is that if kicked from the party, Breagar had his default BG1 line and goes to Beregost, when I think it would make more sense for him to wait at the Flaming Fist camp like the other SoD NPCs.

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Ascalon's Breagar NPC MOd updates to v9.0.0!

-It is now fully compatible with Imoen 4 Ever (with a revised banter path plus one additional dialogue).

-It is now compatible with any "Skip SoD" tweak in EET as it is included in Endless BG1 Mod (if Breagar was in group when facin Sarevok, he will turn up in BGII)Mod only installs the default portrait, alternative remove due to Copyright thoughts

-The mod is now independent on the Worldmap mod, but still compatible independent on install order.

-many bugfixes.



    -fixed swapped portrait options.
    -Anstinus will only initiate dialogue once.
    -compatibility with Imoen 4 Ever added: including one new dialogue if i4e is installed
    -Imoen-Breagar banter inside Irenicus Dungeon should trigger in all BGII games correctly
    -Breagar interjection into Imoen's dialogue about Duergar in ID should work correctly
    -(EET) compatibility with skip SoD tweak(s): Breagar will spawn in BGII if he was in party upon entering the Undercity Temple.
    -(BGII) after talking with Reggik, Galtor, and Audhild in the smithy, teleporting Breagar and PC back into inn should work in cutscene
    -Breagar and group should return to original game Taerom smithy area after bg1 quest is finished and Breagar rejoins the group.
    -Breagar should comment in Tanners Cellar as meant to
    -Breagar should comment upon Fierkraags dungeon as meant to
    -Viconia banter should not end after Breagar's line
    -optimized SoD scripting for party management
    -Breagar should give the correct kickout-dialogue in SoD
    -Ellie and Bork: if PC helped Ellie first, speaking with Bork should not lead to being stuck in the quest
    -after bringing the juwels to Cromwell and upgrading the axe it should appear in the inventory andthe jewels should be gone, even if Breagar's inventory was full.
    -Reggik will no longer drop the third dwarven text fragment, it will be handed over by Galthur only.
    -EET, BGII(:EE): Anstinus Tower area will show on the worldmap correctly
    -Breagar Mod is now compatible but completely independent on the Worldmap Mod.
    -component "alternative portrait" removed due to Copyright reasons
    -Breagars stats in all cres unified to INT 10, WIS 12.
    -added folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z with iconv licence info


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1. Translation is being worked on, but not complete.

2. I guess so, but writing NPC crossmod banter is not on my priority list. It's not that I would not like to have them, but I'd really need to take the time, and if I did, there would be several other NPCs I'd write banters for, first.

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Sorry @jastey to bother you again just after you make a new release, but there are some typos in the tra files.

@103 in ACBre\tra\german\acarea.tra has sound [acbre_85] not in ACBre\tra\english\acarea.tra

In fact the sound reference is there but inside the string not outside (the ~ is misplaced).

@18 in ACBre\tra\english\acbgqe.tra contains unknown keyword <CHARNAMEN>
@18 in ACBre\tra\german\acbgqe.tra contains unknown keyword <CHARNAMEN>
@9 in ACBre\tra\german\acbre25j.tra contains unknown keyword <CHRNAME>

These should be <CHARNAME>.

@110 in ACBre\tra\english\acbre.tra contains unknown keyword <PROHIMHER>

It should be <PRO_HIMHER>.

Edited by lefreut
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