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Breagar NPC mod for BG1 and BGII (Kerzenburgforum)

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Guest Predian

I'm stuck in the BG2 portion of the mod.


tower, I genuinely can't figure out what to do with the recipe or where to find a complete human skeleton (I can't even find one in EEKeeper).  Would love some help.



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Guest Thacobell

Stuck on Breager's BG city quest. I got the contract for Grothir, but I don't know where I'm supposed to meet him. I picked the quest up a couple irl days ago, and the journal does not tell me. I recall him mentioning some inn, but Its been an hour of searching and I can't find him. :(

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Guest Thacobell

Okay, I guess this has turned into a bug report. I tracked down a screenshot lp that included this quest, and Grothir says he'll be at the Splurging Sturgeon. However, he is not there.

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He should have been moved there via his dialogue, after he said to meet him there. EscapeAreaMove can have glitches occasionally, e.g. if the player leaves the area before the action can be completed.


SAY @7 = @8 /* ~Find me at the Splurging Sturgeon. Please take the contract there.~ */
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddJournalEntry(@10024,QUEST)SetGlobal("ACGROTHIQUEST","GLOBAL",2)EscapeAreaMove("%NEBaldursGate_SplurgingSturgeon_L1%",450,449,1)~ EXIT

SAY @9 = @8 /* ~Find me at the Splurging Sturgeon. Please take the contract there.~ */
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddJournalEntry(@10024,QUEST)SetGlobal("ACGROTHIQUEST","GLOBAL",2)EscapeAreaMove("%NEBaldursGate_SplurgingSturgeon_L1%",450,449,1)~ EXIT

SAY @10 = @8 /* ~Find me at the Splurging Sturgeon. Please take the contract there.~ */
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddJournalEntry(@10024,QUEST)SetGlobal("ACGROTHIQUEST","GLOBAL",2)EscapeAreaMove("%NEBaldursGate_SplurgingSturgeon_L1%",450,449,1)~ EXIT

His cre name is "ACGROTHI" in case you want to cheat him in.

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Guest Thacobell

If I start a new SoD without importing, will Breger show up to recruit? Or will I need him from BG1? Restartitis is hitting me for a new class going into SoD. On a related note, does he have SoD content?

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Breagar has basic content and a few reactions, but no banter. He will not be present for a new SoD game.

SoD content was added by me so he can be taken along without the feeling that he's an NPC who's D&D player left the game until BGII. It's not meant to make him a fully fleshed-out NPC in SoD.

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The mod updates to 11.0.0. The new version comes with a lot of bugfixes and restored sound clips for the Silver Lady.

-corrected interjection into Saemon's dialogue in ToB (should use Breagar's ToB Banter file).
-removed unknown innate spell from ACBre07.cre
-ambient sounds of "ACCEM1.ARE"are should get installed (corrected path in tp2)
-Berronar's axe will no longer be doubled after cutscene (ToB)
-Breagar should not comment on the mines being flooded before it happened.
-Breagar should comment on the Mithril necklace.
-Saving Revianel should only give XP once.
-Breagar's Axe should not be on table with Duergar in ID if Tweak to transfer BG1 items into BG2 is installed.
-Hooded dwarf should no longer wait in Trademeet if quest is over.
-Breagar should not complain that the axe is his before he received it from the Silver Lady.
-Breagar should move with the camps in SoD if not in party.
-Breagar will wait near Rayphus in the big Coalition Camp (bd3000.are).
-EET: Breagar should spawn in ID if he did not leave forever before.
-EET/SoD: Breagar will not be present in the kidnapping scene for technical reasons.
-trap on third floor of Astinus' tower can now be disarmed (98%).
-removed invalid spawn references in ARAC06.ARE.
-Fixed misspelled variable for Audhild quest.
-Optimized EET transition.
-Journal entries should be sorted into the quest section (EE).
-typo corrections.
-Reinserted sound clips for Silver Lady.
-streamlined dialogue syntax in acsilver.de.
-streamlined triggering of dialogues with Imoen about Breagar's hand.
-Fixed crossmod bug with Imoen4Ever.
-Added check so the mod can't be installed after EET_End.
-Changed check for Crossmod with EET_DSotSC to exclude BG:EE-DSotSC (fix install error).
-Fixed install error with Imoen4Ever crossmod (for non-english versions).
-Added install order syntax and globally unique LABELs to support Project Infinity.

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Guest Thacobell

Oh, I see you just posted an update. I uh, found a bug not listed in the changelog. During Breager's quest in BG2:



When Breager brings you to the smithy in Trademeet to speak as a witness, there is no exit from that version of the smithy. After the scene plays out, you're trapped there. I had to use the console to teleport to the normal smithy to leave. I'm on BG2 EE version 2.6.6


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Thacobell: I cheat-played all three endings and all worked well, so I am at a loss what went wrong in your game (and the other player reporting this). Can you give me more details as to how the scene went, what was said, and also how you dealt with the topic before (is Forres alive or dead etc.).

I'd also take a savegame before the meeting to my username @ web.de.

EDIT: What should happen is for every ending, Reggik gives a final speech and the group gets teleported out via cutscene.

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Mod is pretty good but his class is pretty meh to put it diplomatically. My suggestion/proposition:

- rise fire res form 1% to 2%/level

- give him + 1 STR (he is a blacksmith, makes perfect sense!!) at lvl 10

- + 1 STR, + 1 CON at lvl 15

- + 2 STR at lvl 25

Thx for awesome mod! True dwarf who is not boring!

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Guest Thacobell

@jastey Sadly, due to my compulsive saving, I do not have a save from before the bug. After I chose my dialogue options at the smithy, the head smith dude declared Reggick (sp?) guilty of treason or something and Reggick went hostile. Killed him and immiediately after, the smith initiated dialogue saying he talked things over with his daughter and recognizes Breager as a suitable suitor. They walk off and charname and Breager are just stuck in the smithy. No teleport.

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