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[done] Sir Ajantis NPC for BGII: v15 with EET compatibility and new content for testing!


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Sir Ajantis NPC mod for BGII - v15 for Testing

The modification introduces Ajantis, the known BG1 NPC, paladin of the Order of the Radiant Heart into BG2.
With this modification Ajantis can be acquired as a member of the PC's group after the fight in the Windspear Hills (which was not changed by the mod principally). The player must then solve a quest to free Ajantis from Firkraag's ransom.

Version 15 comes with EET compatibility and many improvements, but it needs some more testing before I can put it onto the official download page. If you want to test it, download the linked mod package and install it to your BGII game (BGII, BGT, BG:EE, or EET) and let me know whether you encounter any problems!

Apart from bugfixes, improvements in coding and small additions, v15 contains the following main changes:

  • EE:NPC-Ajantis content (Ajantis will not tolerate Dorn and Hexxat, and banters with Rasaad, Neera, and Baeloth)
  • EET compatibility with 'content-continuity', i.e. for BGT and EET, the Ajantis BGII mod will consider the outcome of the BG1NPC romance in a seamless fashion. The used creature file for Ajantis in BGII will be a new one, though.
  • Reworked PID system: This will hopefully increase playability and usefulness of the serious dialogues triggered via PID, which in former versions kind of get lost in the random flirting options.
    • All serious dialogues will be bundled in the option 'I would like to talk to you'.
    • This option only appears if there are active questions/topics present.
    • Ajantis gives a DisplayStringHead 'I am ready to answer new questions' if new PIDs options are available in the 'I would like to talk to you' section.
    • Any dialogue started via this option will cycle back to the 'I would like to talk to you' section, so all active questions can be asked in one go without having to activate the PID again and again (this might turn out to be a nuisance for instances later in game if there might be only one question active, though)
  • Reworked the starting quest to free Ajantis: After completing the quest the party will return to the area they started in (although not exactly the same spot, but reasonably placed)
  • Changes and Improvements to the Romance Path:
    • Reworked 'thinking' cycle after decision of his parents. In the old version, Ajantis would judge by reputation and number of what he thinks are bad decisions of the PC. In the new version, the player will have control over the future of the relationship. There is an internal counter regarding the PC's replies, though. Ajantis will judge her replies and offers to release her from her vows of marriage if the PC gives the impression to be unhappy about the situation.
    • Added the possibility to wait with the wedding until Imoen is freed. The possibility to postbone the wedding until after the Underdark was already implemented, but now the PC has the possibility to actively wish it that way.

[removed] Note: the package is tagged as "15-beta", the version number is in the tp2.

Changelog to v14:

-some item BAM corrections
-corrected sound for German installation
-spelling corrections
-removed a variable setting for Anomen that was supposed to trigger his Windspear dialogue that actually prevented it
-opened an outdoor Minsc-Ajantis banter to more outdoor areas
-Ajantis will no longer help if Valygar is killed in his cabin but rather attack the PC himself
-after completing the "free Ajantis" quest, the party will return to the area they started in (although not exactly the same spot, but reasonably placed)
-reworked PID system a bit. Added paragraph to the readme about PID.
-Ajantis now reacts to Saemon's treachery in Brynnlaw and to working with him after Spellhold
-one more Ajantis-Mazzy ToB Banter
-(EET) EET version added
-(EET, conti game) add reaction to Keldorn if Ajantis died in BG1
-(BGT, EET) included continuity concerning romance status (BG1NPC romance) and whether Ajantis was in the party in BG1
-(BGT, EET: New beginnings romance) for BGT continuity, Ajantis will refer to why the BG1 romance ended
-(EET: continuous game) transfer of items from SoD to BGII: Ajantis has a chest in the Order Headquarters in Athkatla
-(BGII:EE, EET) use BG:EE's BAM for Ajantis' shield
-(romance, case: Engaged path) rewrite of Ajantis' "thinking" dialogue cycle after the confrontation with his parents. Rep dependence of his decision was completely removed, his content is now dependent on PC's answers during the thinking cycle, Ajantis no longer leaves the PC but offers an end to the relationship if the PC gives the impression to be unhappy about the situation
-(romance, case: Engaged path) added the possibility to tell Ajantis that the PC wants to wait with the wedding until Imoen is freed
-(romance, case: Engaged path) added the possibility to ask that Anomen or another (not evil) cleric of the group could perform the ceremony (this doesn't mean Ajantis agrees to it)
-(romance case) activated romance related event in tob for both paths that so far only triggered for new beginnings romance
-(ToB-part, romance case) fixed wrong state name for romance PID in case of too many evil choices so that it actually shows
-(romance case: Engaged path) added morning after dialogue after wedding night
-(romance case: Engaged path) reworked dialogue concerning "Aran knew about PC's abduction". The dialogue now triggers as soon as Ajantis knows the information. Crossreference to LT8 reworked, too.
-(BGII:EE, EET) added Ajantis - Dorn and Ajantis -Hexxat reactions: Ajantis will not remain in the group with either of them.
-(BGII:EE, EET) Added romance conflict checks: Ajantis romance ends for active EE romances with Hexxat, Dorn, Rasaad and vice versa (after Marriage with Ajantis)
-(BGII:EE, EET) banter with Neera, Rsaad, Wilson for SoA and ToB added
-(BGII:EE, EET: romance, case: Engaged path) Added reply options to the three EE-romances (Dorn, Hexxat, Rasaad) for the PC to tell about her engagement to Ajantis.
-(BGII:EE, EET) reworked the wording for Ajantis' letters to reflect happenings in SoD
-(BGII:EE, EET) integrated game_ee.tra with EE specific item descriptions
-(BGII:EE, EET) added debuff from story mode for BGII:EE when not in party (similar to EE NPCs)
-(English version, BGII:EE, EET) removed extra-titles in the item descriptions
-(documentation) added sections 'KNOWN ISSUES' and 'BGT & EET CONTINUITY' to the readme
-(documentation) added paragraph about romance conflicts to the romance_guide_engagedpath.txt
-(documentation) added compatibility note to readme concerning DbG and Argent's 'Skip Chateau Irenicus' (both are compatible with this mod)
-(internal) moved the script blocks for romance active checks for romance conflicts from baldur.bcs to Ajantis' script
-(internal) changed tra handling: removed the extra copying and the "autotra" folder
-(internal) splitted setup.tra into setup.tra and game.tra
-(internal, crossmod) removed copying of C#AjantisCore.RR into the override folder
-(internal) deleted no longer used folder 'install' from mod folder
-removed official support for SoA without ToB
-(internal) changed instances of checking for Ajantis' mere presence from InParty("Ajantis") to InPartyAllowDead("C#Ajantis") (c#orden.d, epilog_ar6200.baf)
-(internal) changed most PID variables to LOCALS.
-(internal) recode of nighttalk cycle: timer is set in the xxxD.baf, and the variable increment is done in the dialogue
-(internal) removed instances to unused / nonexistent item "C#AJSHL1"
-(internal) changed InMyArea(Player1) to Detect(Player1) for dialogue triggering (Ajantis no longer shouts across areas)
-(internal) changed instances of STATE_SLEEPING to CD_STATE_NOTVALID
-(internal) both flirt cycles (before and after Ajantis' trouble) are now triggered by the same varibale and timer
-(internal) original BG1 portrait does not get installed any more - it is present in all bg2 games. Changed the portrait names in the cre-file accordingly
-(compatibility) crossmod: possibility to detect the Ajantis mod implemented (Global("C#AjantisIsInstalled","GLOBAL",1) will be set in Ireniucs Dugeon if the Ajantis mod is installed.)
-(compatibility) compatibility with berelinde's Keldorn Romance mod concerning remarks about Keldorn's quest
-(compatibility) with Argent's Skip Chateau Irenicus added
-(compatibility) included SOX for audio handling in OSX
-(crossmod) to first component of "Skie - Cost of One Soul" mod added (soul dagger). Ajantis mod has to be installed before the Skie mod to show.
-(crossmod) to Alternatives mod added
-(crossmod) reaction to Hendak romance of RE mod added
-update to WeiDu v243


Edited by jastey
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Update to version 15.1.

Fixed a bug that prevented the starting quest to properly finish if ending in one of the inside areas of Fierkraag's Lair (missing AreaChecks).



-if quest to free Ajantis was started inside Fierkraag's Dungeon, the quest will now end properly: knights will initiate dialogue and leave (added missing area checks for the inside areas)

-updated readme about note concerning the portrait naming

-renamed readme to something mod specific

-added WEIGHT to dialogues in c#player1.d

-update to WeiDu v244

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Update to version 15.3.

-fixed a silly bug that prevented Ajantis' Parents to spawn if Keldorn is in party but his quest didn't start yet
-fixed loop in the redesigned thinking-cycle (bug introduced by v15)

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Update to v15.4: Fixed the automated detection of PC- Ajantis relationship. Not only romance but also whether Ajantis was in the BG1 party at all.


The update is essential if playing a continuous EET game, or the mod content will not trigger correctly.

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Update to v15.5:


-Lady Tirlana in front of the Radiant Heart will great Ajantis, as well.
-(bug) Ajantis will now initiate dialogue if being resurrected after the vampire abduction (fixed a looping script block that triggered if Ajantis was not in party)
-loosened the trigger conditions of both cromwell dialogue as well as the "final remove" dialogue of the Underdark belt (Ajantis should find a place that is private enough much sooner) (romance)
-(bug) fixed loop in activation script block to Ajantis' comment on Aran
-(crossmod) banters with Skie of Cost of One Soul mod included. Crossmod with this mod was restructured: will only be installed if Skie mod is present. If Ajantis mod is installed before Skie, the crossmod will be installed by the Skie mod.

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