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Solaufein's Rescue - jastey's Solaufein NPC mod for BGII (Kerzenburgforum)

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I'm interested in that mod. Actually i have a whole LOT of your mods in my 'To Install' folder :D

But, even if i can make do with english somehow, i don't know a single German word (aside from 'danke'?). And i may start my install pretty soon. I don't know how annoying i am right now, since i don't know how much efforts it would take to add the translated bits to the installation process, but i believe than an incomplete translation is better than nothing. I could install the mod in German, and try to install the translation afterwards. But i am unsure about the feasibility of such a thing, after general biffing is done. I don't believe i could add something in the override?

Anyway, thanks for your great work. My future BGT install feels at ease and happy with all these great mods :)

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@Nox thanks for your interst in my mods! If a mod is installed in one language, there is no way to change the mod language than to reinstall it I'm afraid (which won't work after biffing). So you'd need to wait for the English version if you want to have Solaufein in English. The English version will still take some weeks, I'm afraid. But: it is being worked on.

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Many thanks for your answer !I can help with English >> French translations, or French >> English ones, but i am most definitely useless when it comes to German, a shame. Well i may end up learning german when i'm done with Japanese and Spanish :p

There is at least one more mod i really want to try. The Balduran's seatower, from this very forum. Maybe, if i manage to get a working BGT install as it is, i will make another one from scratch when both mods are completed :)

Good luck with the translation.

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The mod updates to v2 Beta. Main changes are a full English version! But also some bugfixes, revised NPC banter and more reply options, as well as full compatibility with @Lava's Eilistraee's Song mod (refer to readme for install order)!

Many thanks to @Caedwyr for extensive proof reading, editing, and suggestions!

Thanks an @BCaesar und @Ratatoskr for the suggestions for the Mazzy-Solaufein banters!

The version is in Beta because of the changes (it is alphatested) and because patch 2.6 seems to be on the way with unknown changes to the game. Let me know if you encounter any problems!


-English version finished.
-NPC banters revised.
-Elhan's geas: Optimized scripting in case there will be other drow NPCs in the future, EE version considers Hexxat's presence as well.
-Drizzt interjection: added possibility to shorten the conversation via reply option.
-Smuggler encounter tweaked a little. Smuggler will recognize any drow items in group's possession.
-splitted component "Install additional Detection for Drow PC" from the main component.
-Scripting of 7th party member mode improved.
-Fixed small default portrait for classic engine.
-Download link in ini changed to GitHub.
-Changed readme to html.
-Crossmod content for Eilistraee's Song mod added.

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Guest guest

Jastey, grats for the new release. Can you add a new option for Elhan? I would like to stop him from putting a geas on the drows of my party, and if needs be, I will destroy the whole camp to do so. Would that be possible? 

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12 minutes ago, Guest guest said:

Can you add a new option for Elhan? I would like to stop him from putting a geas on the drows of my party, and if needs be, I will destroy the whole camp to do so. Would that be possible? 

Still trying to decide whether this is a troll post. Anyway: this is not content of this mod.

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Guest guest

Not a troll post.

I only find it annoying that you get railroaded by Elhan putting a geas on one of your party members without you being able to actually say anything: much as like Arkanis Gath appearing if you try to kill Bloodscalp, even if the chance of joining Bodhi is still there. 
And for Soulafein, a good npc, he is subjected to this kind of stuff? 

And yes, if I have a companion in my party and he gets put a geas on him, and it's custom added, you can bet very much that I will be pissed as charname if that happens without my allowance. 

Anyway, sorry if I suggested this kind of stuff and won't comment further. Let the linearity be.

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Guest Another Guest

I've been looking forward to this mod since you first released it - but had to wait for the English version to drop. I'm excited to finally have the chance to play! 

Congratulations! 🥳

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What about crossmod content between Weimer's Solaufein and yours?  :D lol just kidding.   Like other users here, I have several of your mods in my installation path.  I did not know this one even existed.  I had been trying to teach myself how to upgrade Weimer's Solaufein to work with BG2EE and then EET but I found that I sorely lacked the patience required.

This should help fill the Solaufein void.  I will miss the same sex romance aspect as Solaufein was the absolute first male NPC I ever played for any game, mod or otherwise that would romance my male PC waaaay back in the day.  But there are many other options now,  so I will live.  :D 

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