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opcode 326: who is the "caster" of the subspell? (making spell to absorb status effects)

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I making a spell that checks for STATE_DISEASED on the target, and casts a subspell.


Question is, if the subspell is set to "caster," who is the caster? The caster, or the target whose state was checked? I'd like the subspell to affect the caster.


EDIT - Maybe the subspell can/must use "living actor"/"original caster?"

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Well poop... well then I'll have to patch all existing effects that cause poison, disease, blindness, or deafness, to apply new spellstates reflecting those states. And then check for those spellstates in this ability.


(Unless anyone has a better idea for how to make a spell that cures ailments in the target and transfers them to the caster.)

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Did you check how the SireneNPC does it? It's the paladin of Illmater who cures and then takes some suffering for herself.


In my own mod I do it with script to look for state and then cast healing/cure/anti-poison etc and apply damage on caster. But doing it with script is probably not what you look for?


Something like this


The martyr heals the target for 1d6+2 hit points per level and deals 1d6+2 non-lethal damage per level to <HIMHER>self up to a maximum of 1d6+20 at 10th level."



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The hp thing is easy enough; the tougher nut to crack is the various status ailments... specifically poison, disease, blindness, and deafness.


No, I'll never used a script in a potential mid-combat application. Anyway now we can check states with spell effects, so there is no advantage - and definite disadvantage - to using a script.


Of course if the state itself does not accurately reflect the condition, none of those will work... :(


Anyway like I say, I can manually patch the effects to be identifiable... the main question I have is about targeting of subspells.

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