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Help with conversion of PST animations to BG2

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I've been trying to use the animations done by Cuv from PST and use them in BG2. If I'm following the instructions correctly, I must rename the animations files to the right prefix founf in ANISND.ids. Example:


Example: Let's say I want to use the WIGHT_2 animation slot for my animation. I would take each file and rename them accordingly with BAUBA1 --> MWI2A1, BAUBA1E --> MWI2A1E, BAUBA2 --> MWI2A2, BAUBA2E --> MWI2A2E, etc.


Here's the link to the instructions:




Thing is, I've tried to rename my files like said, transfered them to the override folder, used the right animation to my creature (I've took Mellisan animation and replaced it with the bariaur one) and nothing happens.


Am I missing something? Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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