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Rest for party members

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I need a little bit help from experimented players or modders to get the name of a mod which relatively modify the rest system. I m not so experimented with BG so i m guessing if players are for/against a new system and if it already exists (which can improve the difficulty).


Maybe some very experimented players could create a mod with a fixed number of rest for each dungeons (or special places), it could be really exciting !!! And outside, the encounters system could be improved so (it seems to be inside the SCS if i dont make mistake).



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I've toyed around with a Campfire Supplies mechanic like the one in Pillars of Eternity, but I never got around to fine-tuning it. Another mechanic from Pillars is that you could also have resting in a real bed (at your stronghold or your inn) grants a small bonus to that character for 24 hours.


Alternatively, you could also add distinct "checkpoints" throughout dungeons that allow your party to rest there once (e.g. the bedroom next to the Golems in the De'Arnise keep, for example).


Instead of limiting rests, maybe one could implement penalties for taking too long to complete content. Say, once you arrived at the De'Arnise keep, you have 24 hours (2 rests + adventuring time) to resolve things before moderate penalties (e.g. harder encounters etc.) occur. After three days, expect not only even harder encounters while in the Keep, but also less gratitude/rewards upon resolution (possibly including Nalia not remaining in your party without some degree of quest resolution and Charisma checks). If the problem isn't solved after a week, Nalia tells you off and finds other, more capable adventurers (preventing you from ever acquiring Nalia as a party member, the Keep as a stronghold, and any remaining loot).


To be honest, I think the idea of a living world where conflicts evolve with or without your presence would do a lot to 1) scale the difficulty of the game more appropriately (e.g. content left until later would be harder anyway because of the added monsters etc) and 2) make the game world feel more alive and less like it's waiting for you to complete it.

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