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Please assist. Can't get SCS (v)30 to install in BGEE

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I've searched the forum and this seems as good a place as any to posts this. Some other threads are two years old.


I'm having gaming issues:


- Using SCS (v)30 in BGEE.

- I've added in the BWF and unpacked it into my game folder at 00766.

- I'm installing it in the order as recommended by BIG World Project (v)17

- Everything else has installed properly, tweaks, fixes, NPCs, etc.

- When I try to install SCS (v)30, I get all the way through, and at the very end, I get an error message and it rolls back.

- I've done nothing but unpack BWF but trying to do anything with the .bat files results also in an error message


So, what am I screwing up?


Please note: I'm a consumer, a user. Not a modder and don't write code. :nono:

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I am having the same problem. I have bought the game on GOG.com, installed it to my C://users folder (as recommended somewhere here on the forum) and even donwloaded thr BW Fixpack manager, albeit I have no clue what to do with it, really :-D

When I try installing the SCS mod, I get the message "Error installing [initialise mod (all other components require this)..."


Here is the debug file. I would very much appreciate any help in what I am doing wrong. Apparently I am by far not the only one having this problem :-)


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I would very much appreciate any help in what I am doing wrong. Apparently I am by far not the only one having this problem :-)


It's not that you're doing anything wrong, it's that the mod is long in the tooth and there have been several major patches to the game since the last time the mod was updated. And another on the way.


The people having these problems are the people who didn't follow the link I posted just above... ;)

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Well, I read it now (psst, don't tell my boss) and I am a bit confused as of what I need to do now. The "Revised SCS" is SCS with SR included, and it should also work fine for BG2:EE? http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=28249&page=1


But then I read we should forget about Revised SCS and install the BWFixPack instead: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/806853/#Comment_806853?


So which one is true now? Shall I just install the Fixpack and it INCLUDES all SCS content? Or should I install Fixpack first and then use the ordinary SCS? That one I tried and it did not work out well, got the same problems. I also seem incapable of installing the Fixpack, but I guess I need to read more about how to install it. When I run the .bat file, it tells me "lay back and relax", but then it does nothing and tells me it was done... What am I doing wrong here? I read I need to unpack all mods I want to use in the game folder. I did and nothing changed, really...

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Your linked post dies not say "forget Revised SCS, use BWFP instead" - it says "forget my hotfix, use BWFP instead."


When the 2.0 patch hit, I made some hotfixes for SCS.


Then the 2.1/2.2 patches came, and more fixes were necessary, and the BWFP handled them better.


As of 2.3.67 (the current patch) the easiest and best way to get SCS v30 installed is "revised" SCS.


None of these works with the 2.5 patch... when it is released we're probably going to need a real SCS update. Maybe.


My advice for now: stop worrying and just follow the link I posted above. You could be playing instead of posting on internet forums!

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