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Kit Revisions Beta 21

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As mentioned in the Kit Revisions Beta 20 thread, I've informed Demi that I had updated the last version of KR with a French translation. Thanks to him, he gave me his approval to release it. So any willing (French ^^) beta tester is welcome.

Here is KR Beta 21 and the new changelog:

Beta 21:
- Updated the French translation
- minor fixes and technical improvements
- ranger's kits now roll d8 for HDs like the base class
- priests saves vs polymorh fixed (good instead of average)
- True Fighter Weapon Training removed (EE doesn't support it)
- True Fighter Tactician moved to 5th lvl (upgrades at levels 11 and 17)
- Barbarian OS tweaked into a Charge Attack (+4 move rate, +2 thac0, -2 AC penalty; for 1 round)
- Barbarian Cleave reworked (lasts only 2 sec, but gives +10 weapon speed factor)
- Berserker Rage duration increased to 36/48/60 seconds, fixed its lvl 19 upgrade, minor refinements
- Monk was gaining +3% magic res instead of +2 to all saves at level 14
- Monk Abundant Step no longer displays Dimension Door's animation
- Inquisitor LoH works as a full SR's Break Enchantment when upgraded (e.g. now it can cure charm effects)
- Stalker backstab bonus was stacking with EE backstab.2da

Beta 20:
- True Fighter's Called Shot renamed into Called Hit
- Barbarian's Cleave ability displays its name when triggered
- Berserker Rage once again grants immunity to mind-affecting effects
- Frenzy no longer triggers automatically, it is instead a 1/day ability gained at level 20
- Berserker gains Reckless Offensive at lvl 2 (doubles Offensive Stance dmg bonus, but adds -2 penalty to AC/saves vs. breath)
- Intimidating Rage now also causes -2 penalty to opponent's damage rolls
- Diehard restores hit points as soon as it triggers each round instead of using a regenerating effect
- Cavalier's Challenge Evil no longer gets additional magic damage, added a ProCreature effect to improve its intended role
- Cavalier's Shield Other spell revised into a sort of Mass Sanctuary which excludes the Cavalier himself
- Undead Hunter is no longer restricted to medium armors (this kit will surely require attention)
- Ranger's Tracking now has a much higher chance to detect invisible creatures (from 30% to 50%)
- Quarry no longer prevents the use of invisibility, but doubles the chance to be detected by Tracking (up to 100%)
- added a temporary new progression rate for HLAs while using the standardized xp tables
- Revised Grandmastery now edit the relevant strings for in-game descriptions
- Revised Saves now reduces save bonuses for dwarves, halflings and gnomes (cap is +3 instead of +5)

Beta 19:
- Stalker class added
- Called Shot (Trip) fixed to not allow multiple hits against the same target
- slightly nerfed all Called Shots save penalties (slower progression, capped at -2)
- Barbarian's Great Cleave replaced by Cleave Through
- slightly altered Berserk's gameplay mechanic (e.g. Frenzy triggers only when using Offensive Stance)
- Paladin's spellbook minor adjustments
- Cavalier Smite Evil replaced by Challenge Evil
- Cavalier no longer gets Lay on Hands
- Cavalier regains Divine Spellcasting with semi-unique spellbook
- Undead Hunter now has a semi-unique spellbook
- Undead Hunter is now restricted to medium armors
- True Ranger's spellbook heavily revised
- True Ranger now gain a new Quarry ability
- True Ranger is now restricted to medium armors
- all rangers now roll d8 for hit points

Beta 18:
- True Ranger class added
- Archer class added
- Kensai's upgraded Ki Dodge sets apr to 0
- Disruptive Strike inflicts 40% spell failure
- Monk is again immune to slow and haste effects as per AD&D and vanilla

Beta 17:
- Undead Hunter class added
- Berserker's Frenzy now trigger when struck (5% chance)
- when Frenzy is triggered the Berserker is "cured" from confusion, hold or similar effects
- Ki Strike, Ki Step and Ki Dodge are "upgraded" at levels 5, 10 and 19

Beta 16:
- the Barbarian can now use potions while enraged
- Berserker's Rage and Frenzy completely revamped
- Berserker's Diehard ability slightly improved
- Cavalier and Inquisitor no longer get Divine Spellcasting
- Inquisitor's True Sight now works more similarly to PnP (see here for more details)

Beta 15:
- Cavalier class added
- Inquisitor class added
- Wizard Slayer can now wear medium armors and shields
- Empty Body re-shaped to bypass hardcoded limitations

Beta 14:
- added revised thac0 tables
- added revised saving throws
- added revised XP progression
- paladin's auras bypass magic resistance
- fixed Inner Focus causing a ctd with its level 10 update
- Slow Time duration fixed, casting time increased from 0 to 1

Beta 13:
- added True Paladin class
- hopefully fixed Offensive Stance & Defensive Stance overlapping issues
- Monk's Empty Body fixed to require no casting time, added a portrait icon
- minor description changes

Beta 12:
- added the Monk class

Beta 11:
- tentative fix for Fighter's Tactician stacking issue
- Berserker no longer receives Diehard multiple times
- fixed Wizard slayer's Magical Defense bonus not properly working
- minor text changes to shorten class descriptions

* Kensai *
- Ki Strike merged into the multi-purpose Ki Pool ability
- Ki Pool allows the use of Ki Strike, Ki Dodge and Ki Step

Beta 10:
* Fighter *
- off hand suffers additional -2 penalty while using Offensive Stance
- casting time and movement rate suffer -2 penalty while using Defensive Stance
- at 4th level Disarm now causes non-stackable -4 penalty to target's thac0
- Called Shot's base effects (reduced thac0 or movement rate) allow a save to halve the duration
- Called Shot's effects are applied only on the first successful hit (e.g. no more darts for 3x save vs. Trip)
- Called Shots no longer work against elementals, slimes and incorporeal creatures

* Barbarian *
- minor changes to Cleave (removed its 6th level upgrade)
- at 6th level gains Leap Attack (2x speed and +2 hit/dmg for 1 round if target is 10 feet distant)
- Rage duration slightly increases at levels 10 and 19

* Berserker *
- Intimidating Rage now doesn't work against creatures immune to fear
- Rage duration slightly increases at levels 10 and 19
- at 11th level now gains Diehard (regenerates 1 hp/round when hp<50%, 2 hp/round at 14th lvl)
- at 17th level now gains Deathless Frenzy (cannot be killed by damage while frenzied)

* Kensai *
- Enduring Ki and Perfected Ki upgrades now grants only +3 sec duration each

* Wizard Slayer *
- Inner Focus can now be used once per day for every 4 levels
- added a portrait icon to Disruptive Strike
- using Disruptive Strike no longer displays a "Called Shot" text

Beta 9:
- added new icons (thanks to Pacek) for various new abilities
- fixed Fighter not getting free proficiency in axe and club at 5th level
- Fighter/Druid no longer get free proficiency for his forbidden weapons
- fixed Berserker Rage description

Beta 8:
- fixed Fighter's Tactician feat not properly working
- fixed Hardiness description to match the revised ability
- added the missing -4 thac0 penalty when performing Deathblow

Beta 7:
- fixed Called Shot thac0 penalty
- fixed Berserker chance to enter a Frenzy when not enraged
- Frenzy now properly adds +1 attack per round
- minor description fixes

Beta 6:
- BGEE Barbarian description fix
- many kit description changes
- fixed Barbarian's Cleave not properly working

Beta 5:
- fixed Berserker Fast Healing and chance to enter a Frenzy when not enraged
- Barbarian and Berserker now get Offensive Stance, Kensai gets Defensive Stance
- minor class description adjustments

Beta 4:
- fixed fighter Called Shot progression

Beta 3:
- compatibility with BGEE
- updated kensai bracer code

Beta 2:
- fixed lengthy description crash at chargen

Beta 1:
- First release


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It would be helpful to package the new version without the extra folder wrapper. This way tools like BWS could integrate the new mod version. The way it is packed now in the zip would only allow manual extraction and subsequent moving of files to the game folder.
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Sure I'd like to but I don't know how to pack my files (kit_rev & setup-kit_rev) into an .exe file like most of other mods. I'm all ears :help:

I am talking about this



not some exe-nonsense, With this packaging, you extract the zip to your game folder and have the mod folder and the setup,exe where they should be.

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