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Compatibility with Divine Remix?

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Ok, I'm specifically thinking about installing the Cleric Remix and the additional Cleric kits. I have no interest in the additional spells offered by Divine Remix because I'm already using G3 Spell Revisions.

This should work, unless you use similar components other mods as well like tweak anthology (Alter Priest spell progression) or faith and power (sphere system).

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Nothing has been done to improve compatibility between the two mods as far as I recall. The main issues stem from the sphere system's interaction with spells that SR has added, removed, or changed the level of.


Edit: Actually, my first claim is not true at all. Divine Remix changed its component structure and implementation quite a bit in recent versions. The sphere system used to be a core component for the rest of the mod and the spell changes were less aware of other mods.


If you avoid the sphere system, I think you should be fine.

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