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Baldurs gate 2 - install order and questions

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I plan on playing baldurs gate 2 + TOB (NON EE edition) with SCS and have a few questions:

1) what is the correct order, meaning which patches and when (i was thinking BG2, TOB, TOB patch, G3 patch, SCS, widescreen mod, is this ok ?)

2) for the most bug free version, should i install SCS 30 or some older SCS2 version

3) as Berserker/mage i want to do both fighter and mage quest. Does this still work as in original game where if u did them in certain order u could do both ?

4) on my last play with SCS2, this occured as soon as i enter planar prison. Enemies randomly wonder around springing traps. Could widescreen mod cause this ?

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1) Correct


2) SCS v30 is the latest: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=914


3) There is a component called Multiple Strongholds in the Tweaks Anthology v4 mod: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?s=acb01f9689068744b6278bf64a850bee&app=downloads&showfile=973


4) I had the same problem with in the Astral Prison: Enemies randomly wonder around springing traps. I did not have the widescreen mod installed. I am quite sure it is SCS (v30) that causes this.


Another remarks for SCS in the Astral Prison: the Master of Thralls spawned in the southwest (he spawned in the passageway that goes north) instead of the northeast area. But he was only there when I walked around the southwest a couple of times. He is an important character since he drops the Mastery Orb.

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I used to play with scs v19 or around that, that is where the video is from. I have scs v30 now and i hope i wont see this error. If scs causes this, how come no one noticed it yet :S

I don't know, how about not having a recent version of the mod could be a case here. AND I SAID IT WAS SCS !!!! And not Widescreen mod.

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I can confirm that this is still happening. My guess would be a combination of wondering scripted enemies + improved calls for help. Why ? Because i used farsight to check on a wyvern. He stands still the whole time UNTIL 1 of thralls comes next to him. Then he starts moving and either traps himself or comes to u.

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