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MGTEOS01.dlg - misspelled timer

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In MGTEOS01.dlg:



IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 43 // from: 42.0
SAY #42004 /* ~Beyond that, the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart deals with knights, I do not. Just one of the problems you are sure to encounter in this place.~ */
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobalTimer("TeolMessanger","GLOBAL",SEVEN_DAYS)
ForceSpell(Myself,DRYAD_TELEPORT)~ UNSOLVED_JOURNAL #55626 /* ~Mage Stronghold: The Solamnic Knights.

I asked the Cowled Wizard Teos what he would do about the Solamnic Knights brought here in the sphere from their own home plane. He suggested that I kill them. On the useful side, he did mention that Ribald at the Adventurers' Mart might have insight into unique situations such as this. Alternately, I could petition the Most Noble Order ot the Radiant Heart. They know how to deal with paladins and such.~ */ EXIT



Should be "TeolMessenger" to be consistent with the other instances.


I guess noone ever noticed because noone ever asks about the Solamnic Knights this far in the game?

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In the mages stronghold mod I use this to add the correct trigger


Can be put into just any dialogue file you compile with your mod.

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