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[solved] Wrong entry in BGEE.lua

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After a recent BG2EE install with some mods for test, my game would not start up. An error message pointed to an entry in BGEE.lua.


The error was quickly found and repaired:One entry had an extra " and removing it solved the problem

2391 {"AR4370", "SOS Lyrar's Hold""}, must be {"AR4370", "SOS Lyrar's Hold"}


This is an area from Shadow over Soubar. However, the mod does not directly address the BGEE.lua, so I do not know how the list of areas and their names comes to be added to the lua file and how that extra " could be prevented to happen.


The list of areas I have in my BGEE.lua only has areas from two mods, SoS and Region of Terror. May this be a result of some tooltip actions those two mods perform?

No other vanilla or mod areas appear here except one dummy

{"BD0010", "Test"}



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The 2.5 patches are going to populate the console with context-specific area listings, complete with the descriptions from the IESDP. Hence why I keep annoying lynx with it. :)

Yes, I am aware of this. But how come that those old mods (the areas are not even in IESDP) come to populate the lua already now? They are the only two mods I am aware of to add tooltip entries, is that why?

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The mod was updated recetly by weigo :beer:

it's a typo in cheat_var.tph

Good to know. I downloaded it today with BWS. Is my link outdated? (It is a github master link so should be up-to-date)

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Good to know. I downloaded it today with BWS. Is my link outdated?

No, it's a bug in the last version


Ah, I found the github and the file and the error.

Thanks for it.

I will make a pull request there and hopefully that fixes the error.

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