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Game b0rken, need help

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EDIT: Well I "fixed it" by CTRL+Ying all shadow thieves right at the end of the SoD-cutscene... it seems to be working now, but I'm not to sure about the state of my game.


Hi peeples. Still running an EET game with fairly simple modding, something seems to be broken with the transition from SoD to BG2.


The thieves show up, the make my party unconscious, and the cutscene where they stand over the party's bodies start.


But then something goes wrong. The cutscene at Chateau Irenicus starts but offscreen. As in: my camera still hovers in the woods outside Baldur's Gate, while the cutscene is playing at Chauteau Irenicus.


I know it's playing for two reasons: once in a while there's some audio playing from it, and, when it's done playing, the camera switches to Chateau Irenicus and my character is awoken by Imoen in the cell.


So... if everything is fine from that point, no worries right? Not really though. See, I can't save the game, because there's "monsters about." I suspect those monsters are hostile thieves in the woods cutscene.


What do?


Log attached.


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