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BGQE updates to v16 with 5 new components!

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bgqe - Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters Modification

This is a mini-mod for all BG games: "vanilla" BG (with the add-on Tales of the Sword Coast), BG1Tutu v4, EasyTutu, BGT, BGEE, and EET. It adds several small quests and encounters to the game.

Upon other fixes and impprovements, v16 comes with 5 new components. Also, the quest "Many little Paws" was changed to make it less tedious - the boy will take the grown hamster now, too, if your PC doesn't feel like searching for the vendor.

Many thanks to Lumorus and White Agnus for two of the new components!

From the readme:


12. Brage's Sword (not for original BG1)
This component gives the player the possibility to prove that Brage fell victim to an intrigue and save him from a death by the gallows - if the PC wants to. There is an evil quest option, of course.
Brage has to be brought to Nashkell alive. The mod also adds the possibility to bring him to Oublek (i.e. the Nashkell authorities) instead of to the temple. This was unfinished original game content. (For this possibility, please note the install order as mentioned above).

The quest about Brage's sword starts when talking to Oublek after bringing Brage to Nashkell alive.

***** Spoiler *****
-The merchant Borda (original game content) plays a role in this quest. Originally, he can be met in the area with the Xvart village. Depending on quest status the Pc can confront him here. If he was already met, there will be a second meeting.
-Brage's sword plays a role, as well. It has to be presented to Nalin at some point. After that, it is no longer needed for this mod (and can e.g. be used for Thalantyr's Item Upgrade Mod).
-The quest can be solved completely before clearing the Nashkell mines (or later). For the case that Laryssa, Brage's cousin, was killed upon the first confrontation, the last needed quest clue will be found no sooner than Tazok's tent.

13. Legal Seachart Sources (not for original BG1)
This component adds two more possibilities to receive the sea charts for Mendas' trip to Balduran's island. Both ways will be installed.
2.A by Lumorus: If the PC helped Aldeth Sachenstar in the Cloakwood as well inside the Merchants' League, Aldeth will be very interested in the research and Balduran's artefacts. He will enable access to the sea charts without the need to steal them or intoxicate the captain.
2.B CALABALD (= Calahan + Balduran's Island) by Shuv-Oohl: The sailor Calahan in Ulgoth's Beard wouldn't be a real sailor if he wouldn't have sea charts of his own. He won't part with them without an appropriate compensation, though... PCs with enough gold have now the possibility to go to Balduran's island before entering Baldur's Gate.

14. Additions to the House of the Lady and the Bitch Queen's Temple
This component extends the original game quest about priest Tremains dead son and the scoll of dispel from the temple of Umberlee.
3.A Prevent Jalanthe from Making a Mistake, by Lumorus: The High Priest of the Water Queen requests a Book of Wisdom for the scroll of dispel. But would it really be a wise idea for her to rely on another god's help? The PC now can ask explicitely whether the priestess is sure that Umberlee would be pleased if the ceremony was done with the wisdom received by Tymora...
3.B Tremain's Sellout: in the original game, Tremain asks the PC to retrieve his dead son from the temple of Umberlee, so he can revive him. The PC now has the possibility to bring the son to the temple, instead.

15. A Worried Farmer (not for original BG1)
In Beregost/Nashkel there are some rumors by a few farmers, so far one of them is addressed in this component: talk to a farmer in Beregost until he tells the PC about a creature making noises behind his house at night. He will then ask the PC to help him to get rid of it.

16. Bodies for a Good cause
This mod plays in Baldur's Gate. Bring the corpses you find in the sewers to Sylar, a necromancer with a special research. This component is also good for PCs that care about the environment! :D


-(BGT) all journal entries will be deleted upon transition to BGII
-"Many little Paws": quest was changed to make it less tedious:
--the vendor will spawn directly in FAI after scene at Nashkel carnival (before: after three days)
--the boy at Nashkel Carnival will also take the original hamster if the PC choses so
--the boy will remain at the carnival until the quest is finished and all little hamsters are given to him
--fix: boy should take all hamsters that are in inventory
-"Lovesick Half-Orc": the commoner talking about an orc attack won't be named as a female any more
-"Babysitting Quest": some more safety tweaks to make sure all kids and toys leave with the mother
-"Drunk near Beregost Temple": rephrased journal entry to make it clear the drunk stays in the area
-"A Warm Place for Noober": quests now closes in case Joseph's widow is dead, too; tweaked the widow's dialogue a litle in case PC visits for the first time after Noober is already recovered; quest journal entry will be removed in case PC visits for the first time after Noober is already recovered; (BG1:TotSC) Noober should respawn for original BG1 now, too.
-Mod won't install on Steam/GOG SoD if modmerge didn't run (not for Windows)
-moved all install-mrk files into the backup folder (except for utf-8 conversion)
-splitted game text and setup text into two separate tra files
-(English version) corrected the component's name to show the correct name upon installation ("Lovesick Half-Orc")
-changed script name assignment to make it consistent with other mods: %tutu_var%drunk.cre -> "drunk"; %tutu_var%oublek.cre -> "Oublek"; %tutu_scriptbg%FTOWN2%eet_var%.cre -> "%tutu_scriptbg%FTOWN2%eet_var%"
-g3_bgee_cpmvars.tpa corrected (Post dialogue Dynaheir, Jaheirs - not important for this mod)

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