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Sarevok Romance updated to version 1.3

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After a long while, Aeryn's Sarevok Romance is now officialy updated to 1.3. The new version includes handle_charset function, Polish translation by Astharoshe (member of CoB's Stars of Mystra), EET for game check and WeiDU update.

About the mod: "Sarevok Anchev has been many things. Once a murderer, deceiver and despised enemy, he has become an unlikely ally to a PC facing an uncertain future. Though many facts about both his past and his former plans are common knowledge, little can be determined about his current motivations now that life has been returned to him. Has death shaken his perceptions, or merely hardened his resolve to ruthlessly seize whatever power he can take for himself? Is it possible for mortal foes to becoming something more than reluctant allies?"

The mod update was provided by my - Lava = but also great thanks to K'aeloree for the green light to update it.


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