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SHS: Xulaye v2.0 available

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"Xulaye Despana - sister to the insidious Phaere and daughter of the fearsome Matron Mother Ardulace. Will you help her in her ascent to power? Betray her? Attempt to turn the woman from her dark ways?
Xulaye joins your party at the beginning of the Ust Natha section of the Underdark. But watch your back; she is Drow to the core, and not unintelligent. Arrogance, ambition, cruelty and ruthlessness dominate her dark heart.
True evil lies in intent - and the wherewithal to carry it out."


What's new in v2.0:


Removed ToB check

Changed tisunspack method to 'copy tis'

Added tis+pvrz files for EE version of the game

Added journal entries for EE version of the game

Added dynamic item description update for EE version of the game

Added EE versions of the portrait

Added handle_charset

Updated WeiDU


It may work on EET, but testing is still needed.




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