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SHS: Haer'Dalis Day: Romance updated and Friendship released

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We are happy to announce that we do not only release Haer'Dalis Romance updade (v2.2), but we're also happy to welcome a brand new NPC IEP mod: Haer'Dalis Friendship!

Haer'Dalis Friendship, as other NPC IEP mods, adds many new lines to the existing companions. This time it's for the famous bard, wielder of Chaos and Entropy. There are a total of 20 new dialogues added by the mod, 15 in SoA and 5 in ToB. Some of these do have particular circumstances in which they occur. The mod was brought to you by Aeryn (writer), with some help from Rhaella (coding and release preparation) and Lava (coding).


If you are interested in more intimate relationship with the tiefling bard, try Haer'Dalis Romance. Version 2.2 includes: improved BG2EE and EET compatibility, the SoA romance track will now turn off properly if the romance is ended, ToB banters will no longer fire repeatedly. The update was provided by Rhaella.


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