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Modify damage spell


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Hello, (BG2:EE)


I m trying to reduce some damage spells. In order to do, i have downloaded Infinity Engine and DLTCEP but i fail with each tool.


Each path (effect.dat and chtin.key) are configured in the setup options.


Then i load magic missile and i configure to 1D1 damage then I save the file in the override directory but nothing changes in game.


I have installed bigworld with basic components (green) and kivan hero.



Did i make something wrong ?


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Did you edit each "Extended Header" ? As by default you are editing number 1, and thus only the number 1 caster level 1 and 2 spells, and as you by default start a level 4 to 7 mage, you aren't likely to see any results ever.

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Thanks, I can t hope such a fast answer.


I ve made modifications for spell under level 5 :


Agannazar : decreased from 3d6 to 2d8

Melf Acid arrow : decreased from 1d6+2d4 to 2d4

Fireball : decreased from 1d6/lvl to 1d4/lvl

Flame arrow : 1 arrow / 3 level, decreased from 1d6+2d6 to 1d4+2d4

Lightinning bolt : no changes (1d6/lvl)

Melf meteor : decreased from +5 (thaco) to +3



Call lightning : decreased from 6d6 to 5d6


I want to add a paralyze effect to "cold cone", does it automatically find targeted ennemies ? should i copy/past an "Hold person (humanoid)" effect ?

the duration seems to be equal to 6 per rounds ? exactly ?


PS : i also struggle to edit spells descriptions, DLTCEP crash when i try to edit, i didn t find the files to edit spells descriptions... [RESOLVED : copy the dialog.tlk file in the main directory]

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