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I installed the mod and have done a little testing with the Blade Master..


Now, I dont think this has to do with ne other mods I installed but I appear to be getting an extra 1 attack somewhere along the levels.


For instance, level 13 Kensai vs Level 13 Blademaster. Kensai has 2 attacks/ round (7/2 with grandmastered weapon) and 13 Blademaster has 4! attacks per round, 5 attacks with grandmastered weapon.


I dont see the extra attack in the kit description however, and by my calculations you should only have 3 attacks/ round at level 13, with 9/2 attacks per round with grand mastered weapon.


This is without the "grandmastery fix" btw..




I also tested the ninja, but the # attacks that should be added with weapon specializatino doesn't seem to work, and you can't put more than 2 points in two weapon style.


Alot of this may be due to incompatibility with other mods (probably Avengers rogue rebalancing.. as somehow that is completely not working anymore for me..) or whatnot.. dunno. (Even though all I have are Weidu mods, and they SHOULD work together rite?)

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Using WeiDU is not necessarily a guarantee of compatibility. :) I'm at work currently, but I'll look into these as soon as I get home tonight.

And here I thought I was the only one who goofed off at work by browsing the mod boards... :D

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The Blade Master gets an undocumented 3/2 extra attacks at level 12 (as if the kit wasn't overpowered already). I'm going to spread out the bonus attacks, add it to the kit description and include it in the next release.


In unmodded BG2 thieves get a single star in all of the weapon styles and Wushi Ninjas should probably be the same. I've altered the install program to be compatible with Rogue Rebalancing, which allows rogues three stars in dual-wielding. So normally it will be one star in all weapon styles; with rogue rebalancing it will still be one in each of the weapon styles and three for dual-wielding.


The Wushi Ninja is not getting his extra 1/2 attack for specialization; I have a feeling I may be running into a hardcoded feature but I will see what I can do.



When you're a web developer, you can explain any surfing at work with "I'm just looking at how this site is coded!" :)

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Actually it appears that Swashbucklers also do not get the extra half attack from specialization. So I guess it's a bug, but it's a consistent bug, and therefore not something I'm going to change. :)


I did find that Wushi Ninjas were not being restricted from LG alignments (as other thieves); this has also been fixed.

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I have to say, it would be nice if the Blademaster got 5 attacks per round at level 13. It would make single weapon style very attractive (and stylish, and IMO, much cooler than two weapon style). And it would make dual classing at level 13 even crazier than a Kensai!


Maybe to rebalance the class alittle, put Feint where you would get parry, and push Parry and Counter Attack up to match.


Swift Strike seems pointless (since you'd probably already have 5 attacks per round no matter what style ur using that this point).


Also, the -2 strength still allows an imported char to dual class. Maybe -3 or even -4 would discourage this. It wouldn't matter much for a pure class though, with all the girdles around.

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