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Ajantis BGII: Problems and Bug Reports


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10 hours ago, jastey said:

@marcnivar Would you check whether Global("SPRITE_IS_DEADC#Ajantis","GLOBAL") is at 1?

I will check later.

Just to inform that I also noticed one minor problem yesterday- there is a talk that my pc agreed to return the shield. But I found that the shield was unequipped and left in Ajantis's inventory after the talk. Probably good thing to some people who want to keep it though.


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4 hours ago, marcnivar said:

But I found that the shield was unequipped and left in Ajantis's inventory after the talk.

It's the way it is coded. The action was probably moved to an NPC, not the quest character. This is a bug report I get for a gazillion item transfers, most times it works, sometimes the items remain. I'll have a look at it. It should be gone, but


Ajantis will get the shield back later. ;)


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Er... "SPRITE_IS_DEADnpcname" is the variable with which the engine stores whether a character is dead or alive. It should be 0 (alive) or 1 (dead). 129 makes... no sense. 😳

EDIT_ It not being 0 would explain the behavior with skipped Bodhi's kidnapping, though. Set it to 0 by cheats. If you check it later, does it stay at 0 (while Ajantis is alive)?

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On 12/30/2021 at 11:18 AM, marcnivar said:

The value is 129.

Did Ajantis die a lot?
And if so, how did you revive him?

In the ToB engine, the value is incremented when the actor dies and decremented on revival. Not sure, if this was changed in EE engines.
Maybe they don't cover all cases of revival.

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I think I know when this happened after tracing back the global of my early save games.

His global was correct initially. However, at one time, he was imprisoned by the lich in the Unseeing Eye dungeon. I returned to surface to buy a freedom scroll, returned to the area he disappeared, and freed him. After that, his global changed to 129.

I also tried correcting the global before meeting Bodhi (to 0), and the abduction scene triggered flawlessly. The global also remained as 0 after the event.

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I'm using this mod for the first time. Douglas keeps popping up without saying anything. We've already done the in law rejection and gone through his struggles then the marriage

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