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IWDEE INI Clarifications

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Edit: This applies only to INI files which are used for ARE spawns.


I found the current description of this resource a bit confusing so after observing in-game and observed script references to these files in IWDEE I wanted to add some clarification.


Under [spawn_main], 'enter' and 'event' are different in that 'enter' is triggered each time the player enters the map, while 'event' may happen instead of or in addition to that. Both can be controlled by variables, both use the interval to determine a delay before/between spawning critters (with 1 meaning spawn now if possible) and both can specify multiple entry/event definitions separated by commas, as critters can.


The Interval itself is Real Time Seconds * 15 AI Updates/Second. Example AR3000.INI specifies a [3_Mins] section with an Interval of 2700; 2700 / 15 = 180 seconds or three minutes Real Time.


For the creature definitions:

// this can specify targeting info [EA.GENERAL.RACE.CLASS.SPECIFIC] or a script name
spec         = []
spec         = thief_12

// When present, the observed value is always '1'
spec_qty     = 1

// Script assignment at time of spawn; multiple scripts can be assigned (see scrlev.ids)
script_Default          = gnMMgSG

// The Specifics value assigned to the creature at time of spawn;
ai_specifics            = 150

// Specifies how many instances of this creature to spawn
create_qty              = 1

// Might control checking if player's viewpoint is over the creature? (0 = don't care)
// Update: testing shows no change to Actor/Creature fields with this flag set to 1.
check_view_port         = 0

// Determines if a party member has to be in the creature's LOS? (1 = no)
// Update: testing shows no change to Actor/Creature fields with this flag set to 1.
ignore_can_see          = 1

// Defines one or more spawn points to use for determining the creature's spawned location
// Orientation is optional 
spawn_point = [595.583]
spawn_point = [595.583:14]
spawn_point = [595.583:14],[787.562:14],[859.757:14],[1204.924:14],[1353.1135:14],[1638.1260:14],[1573.1349:14],[537.492:14]

// Only has meaning when multiple spawn points are listed for the creature
// R = pick a random spawn point from the list for the purpose of spawning the creature
point_select = R

// When present, specifies the Area Actor name, which is used instead of the creature's script name
// If not present or the value is blank, Area Actor name will be copied from creature's script name
script_name = thief_12

// Disregard this note as per Avenger's post below.
// Finally this oddity used only in AR8012.INI; not sure what 'script_area' refers to.
// All static Actor references to the script (ldIdiKil.bcs) in this example are in the Actor Race script level
script_area		= ldIdlKil

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script_area is a script slot, like script_race, script_override, etc.

The area script level should be different than the race script level.

See scrlev.ids


This slot is not present in the .cre structure, it is only stored in the area's creature entries (this is why it is called 'area' script level).

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Thanks Avenger, I meant to check scrlev.ids but forgot to.


Additional data pertaining to IWD2.


IWD2 includes the functionality of IWDEE with a few extras.

// These two critter variables allow fine control over how the spec_var variable is used as a trigger
// In this case, for the trigger to spawn, spec_var's value must be "equal_to" "0"
// Observed operations: equal_to, greater_than
spec_var_value          = 0
spec_var_operation      = equal_to

// This seems to allow modification of spec_var's value when a critter is spawned
spec_var_inc            = -1

// The required area difficulty flags for this critter to spawn
// Only values of '0' are checked
area_diff_1             = 0
area_diff_2             = 0

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