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SHS: Athkatlan Grounds - new mod series at SHS

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I am happy to announce that new mod series is now available at Spellhold Studios. Athkatlan Grounds has a very specific aim - to make Athkatla, our well-konwn BG2 city more interesting by introducing new places, quests and encounters. Mods that are already released:

Southern Edge - this mod has already been available for a while. It introduces a brand new district with its own quest and characters, like Mairo Mudclapper: a halfling arcanist in need of some help in trackig down dangerous parasite hiding somewhere in the district.

Ooze's Lounge - that brand new mod adds a new part of sewers. It can be entered through the grate next to Jansen house... but you must first find the key lost somewhere in Athkatla. The mod adds new areas, mini-quests and some new, quite unusual merchants.

Both mods are available for both old BG2 and BG2EE, even though they were made with EE in mind.


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