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I came upon these two strings in the TLK file today, but after playing around for a bit, I can't seem to get anything out of this token.

Evades effects from <RESOURCE>
Unaffected by effects from <RESOURCE>

Anyone got any idea what <RESOURCE> resolves to and in what context? Only reference to these strings I could find was in ENGINEST.2DA.

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It's probably set by opcode 324 Immunity to Spell and Message (and similar opcodes).


See, for example, SPWI304 (Fireball) which uses this opcode with an evasion check and specifies SPWI304 as the resource. I'm guessing <RESOURCE> takes its data from the name string reference in the spell ("Fireball").


In other words, <RESOURCE> is set dynamically during combat and the strings using it would be seen in the combat log.

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Looks like the second one is hardcoded to opcode 324, yes. I tried it with opcode 206, but it seems to ignore the resource in that case, displaying an empty string where the resource name would be.


A shame, I was hoping to make good use of this token in my effects.

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