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ARE 1.0 Actor "Unused"

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At 0x90 there is a 128-byte field declared "unused" in IESDP.


Testing in IWDEE (the game I'm busy modding) shows that there is a field here that is visible in saved game Areas.


0x90 (32 byte length) is a copy of the loaded CRE's Name1 STRREF (first 32 characters)


I noticed this while browsing saved areas and decided to test it. My test character was given an 80-character Name1 (using WeiDU labels) of numeric digits and an 80-character Name2 of alpha characters (A-Z); only the first 32 characters of Name1 were copied to this field.


That leaves a 96-byte unknown at 0xB0 in the Actor record.

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This is because the spell 'Mislead' creates a copy of a player character that isn't a global creature. This creature has a name that isn't in the tlk table.

PC's don't have more than 32 character length names, so this should be safe (it is used only when the strref name is null).

You can probably use this to have differently named creatures using the same .cre (the .cre should have its short/long names set to -1). I've not tested this.

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