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Would love to see interviews for the Original Baldur's Gate Team

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I always felt like there still mysteries to solve about Baldur's Gate, Shadows of Amn, and finally Throne of Bhaal, there was so much cut content, and especially cut content that has yet to be restored. I was thinking if anyone has the answers that it would be the original people who worked on the games but far as I know I don't think there was any interviews done concerning those mysteries.


One such mystery I was curious about what the Cut Elemental Plane of Earth at the very beginning of BG2, and many other lost content as well within BG2.


My only concern is whether they're still around, I realized that 16-18 years is quite a long time and whether they are still in the gaming industry or not.


My other question when EE became a reality what was the main reason these lost plot pieces could never be restored? Was it because the data itself is obscure and would have taken too long to dig up or was there other reasons for this? Or was it simply the case that the policy of no new content couldn't be added even to fragmented existing cut content.

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