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IWD Tweak v.2 problems

Guest Aroc

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Install Component [Force All Dialogue to Pause Game]

[Y]es or [N]o or [Q]uit?

Installing [Force All Dialogue to Pause Game]

IF evaluates to false

IF evaluates to false

IF evaluates to false

IF evaluates to false

IF evaluates to false

Copying 1 file ...

Copied [sW1H01.itm] to [override/C!dpause.xxx]


This step may take a few moments ...

Copying and patching 225 files ...

ERROR: illegal 3-byte read from offset 48 of 48-byte file BAR.DLG

Stopping installation because of error.


ERROR Installing [Force All Dialogue to Pause Game], rolling back to previous state

[G3DaleTweaks/backup/6/UNSETSTR.6] SET_STRING uninstall info not found

[G3DaleTweaks/backup/6/UNINSTALL.6] loaded, 22 bytes

Will uninstall 1 files for [sETUP-G3DALETWEAKS.TP2] component 6.

Deleting [override/C!dpause.xxx] (to restore original game condition)

Uninstalled 1 files for [sETUP-G3DALETWEAKS.TP2] component 6.

BG2IWDC.TP2 0 0 Installed

BG2IWDMC.TP2 0 0 Installed

IMPROVEDBAMS.TP2 0 0 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 0 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 1 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 2 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 3 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 4 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 5 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 6 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 7 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 8 Installed

P3ECP.TP2 0 9 Installed

AB.TP2 0 0 Installed

AB.TP2 0 1 Installed

AB.TP2 0 2 Installed

AB.TP2 0 3 Installed

AB.TP2 0 4 Installed

AB.TP2 0 5 Installed

SETUP-G3DALETWEAKS.TP2 0 5 Installed ~Weapon Animation Tweaks~

ERROR: Failure("BAR.DLG: read out of bounds")

PLEASE email the file SETUP-G3DALETWEAKS.DEBUG to andyr@gibberlings3.net, webmaster@gibberlings.net or idobek@gibberlings3.net

Using Language [English]

[English] has 1 top-level TRA files

[G3DaleTweaks/english/setup.tra] parsed

[G3DaleTweaks/english/setup.tra] has 28 translation strings


Any opinions Andyr?

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In the meantime, what might work would be to remove any other setup-mod.exes in the directory, re-extract the mod from the archive (with the associated older WeiDU) and then reinstall. It shouldn't fail then as it'll be using the older WeiDU from before the way it works was changed.


Of couse then you'd have to put the other setup-mod.exe files back in the directory if you wanted to un/reinstall those mods...


So, yeh, I will try and get a new version out soon.

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