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The vault mod

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Thanks K4thos. Two of my preferite mods are not there. :(


Spellhold Gauntlet

The Vault



The Vault is present on the list I've linked to:


Vault EE v7.3 or above



although without "The", will fix the name, thanks.


I've never heard about Spellhold Gauntlet. Not sure if there is even EE version of this mod (SHS is offline, so can't check it)

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Thanks to you both for help.

K4thos, the gauntlet is a mod used to avoid the spellhold gauntlet. Right when your soul get sucked out by you, you meet, right next to the place where imoen stands an ancient apparition that gives you the chance to face a challenge (you against monsters) to skip the spellhold gauntlet itself.


The mobs you face drop the stuff you would have found in the dungeon. Juicy.

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