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Very late "thank you"

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I know it's 2018 and probably nobody's going to read this, but after a decade I've re-bought BG1 as Enhanced Edition, installed BG1NPc and started my first play-through... as an adult.

Thank you, thank you splendid modders for this magnificent mod. I've played through all romances now and they are simply amazing - like a splendid warm cloud of love and drama and tension. And the non-romanceable NPCs are portrait quite wonderfully (my teenage self had a soft spot for Kivan - it was a perfect delight to befriend him in the mod). If any of the authors is reading this, thank you so very much - I've never been as glad to be on sick leave as I am now.

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Thank you! I wouldn't say nobody is going to read your words of praise, but indeed a lot of the authors aren't around any more. Still, the mod got lots of love and work and is still being updated, so yay to the current maintainer AstroBryGuy for keeping it up-to-date and compatible with BG:EE and all of its patches!

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Thanks for praising the mod on its original forum. If the original authors do see it, they're far likelier to do so here than on the newer ones.


Also, you played through *all* romances? I played through one or two, and I was involved only minorly some time back. Not because the romances lacked anything necessarily, but because you kind of have to play through the whole game to get the full experience of even one. Impressive, anywho.

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